Step by Step Guide on Writing a Case Study

January 20, 2020

Students in law, business and medical schools are frequently assigned to essay writer to write a case study. They help enhance their knowledge on the subject and provides teachers with a chance to evaluate their research, writing and learning abilities.

A case study is a research tool used to investigate and explore an issue, identify its cause and come up with a valid solution to eradicate the problem. Since it is an in-depth analysis of the topic, it mostly uses a qualitative research design.

You can’t simply jump straight to the writing process of a case-study. It is one of those academic papers that require a whole lot of planning and research.

These are some steps that can help you with your case study:

The first step is to determine the research strategy to gather data. Consider the following aspects for this:

·         The issue you will address

·         The target audience of your study

·         What type of study are you aiming for?

·         The time period, subject and the place of the issue.

·         The root cause of the problems.

The next step is coming up with valid solutions. The main purpose of the study is to find out ways to eliminate a problem.

Coming to the main and the last step, the writeup itself. The case study format you must use is defined below:


Write an engaging title of the case study that defines the purpose


The abstract is a brief summary of the overall paper. Write it at the end of the writing process.


Start by introducing the issue at hand, its significance and what sparked your interest.


Develop a testable hypothesis and explain what led to it.


Describe in detail the research methodology used to gather data.


Present the results and findings of the study.


Analyze the significance of these findings and share your interpretation.


Cite the sources used in the case study.


Provide any additional information, such as graphs in this section.

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